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Travelling safely with Iberia

06 May 2020

Before your flight

Important note: To enter Spain from any other country including Schengen, all passengers must fill out the public health form and deliver it at the arrival airport. This form must be completed through the website or through the free application SPAIN TRAVEL HEALTH-SPTH. Once the form is completed, the passenger will be provided with a QR code that must be presented at the health checks upon arrival in Spain.

  • Our airport staff have stepped up the cleaning of our check-in counters and other points of contact with our customers with specific cleaning products.
  • In order to comply with social distance guidelines recommended by health authorities, we have re-organised check-in and boarding queues and all customer service points at our airports.
  • We have also placed dividers at check-in and customer service counters.
  • In case your flight is boarded or disembarked by bus, we have reduced the capacity of the buses by more than half to maximise distance between passengers.
  • We have temporarily closed our Premium Lounges in Madrid to avoid the concentration of passengers.
  • The provider of the Premium Parking service at Madrid and Barcelona airports has also interrupted this service.

Health and safety on board

  • We have reinforced the cleaning in our aircraft, both in terms of frequency and using cleaning products indicated against COVID-19 (fungicide, micro-bactericide and viricidal products), and with special treatment of surfaces (armrests, folding tables, overhead luggage compartments, etc.), toilets (toilet seat, flush button, door knob, taps, etc.) and crew spaces.
  • We refresh the air in our cabins every 3 minutes. Our aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters, which purifies the air on board by killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in the air.
  • In addition, our crews have been trained and have on board the necessary equipment to apply the protocols and protection systems established by the health authorities, in the event that a person shows COVID-19 symptoms during the flight.

Safety and prevention measures

  • We kindly remind our customers that, according to guidelines from health authorities, in order to protect your health and that of other passengers, it is mandatory to wear a face mask covering nose and mouth on all Iberia flights, from the moment of boarding the aircraft and for the whole duration of the flight. Customers are required to bring their own mask. If you are not wearing a mask you will not be permitted to board the flight.
  • During boarding and landing, both our airport agents and the cabin crew will keep as much distance as possible in the transit areas. Our staff will still provide customers with guidance, while maintaining social distance in case there are customers not wearing protection.
  • Both in the process of selection and allocation of seats and during boarding, the necessary measures are taken to ensure the maximum possible separation between passengers.
  • We also ask for understanding if the crew members cannot help with the hand baggage, as this is an additional measure to avoid the risk of contagion and spread.

On-board service changes

  • To reduce contact and therefore risks, we have simplified the service on board, and removed magazines and leaflets and stopped our duty-free shopping service.
  • On flights of less than four hours, we are not able to offer a meal service and blankets and pillows have been removed.
  • On long-haul flights, we have simplified service, using consumables, and all onboard linens are sanitised after each use.
  • We have increased the supply of hand soap in the lavatories.
  • On all flights we offer announcements from the health authorities about the detection, the protection against and the reporting of the disease.

These and other measures will remain updated, so that you can consult them whenever you need to on > COVID 19 > General Information for ALL MARKETS 

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