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Iberia Will Not Retroactively Apply Airport Tax Hikes to Customers

12 July 2012
Customers  who  bought  their  tickets before July 1 will not pay the additional tax.

In  response  to  the hike in airport taxes, Iberia has said will not apply the  higher  rates  to  customers  who  have  purchased  their  tickets for Iberia-operated flights (*) before July 1.

The  company’s  CEO  Rafael Sánchez-Lozano said that “despite the company’s currently  complicated  financial  situation,  we  have decided not to pass along  the airport tax hike to customers who purchased their tickets before July  1.  We  will  bear any additional costs relating to these tickets, to spare our customers”.

Iberia  regrets  the  negative  impact  of the airport tax increases on air travel and tourism, and is committed to easing the impact for its customers to every possible extent.

(*) The exemption applies only to  flights  operated by Iberia and not to those operated by other airlines under Iberia codes.  

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