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Iberia Express

17 April 2012

Iberia Express is a company 100% owned by the Iberia group, specialising in short and medium haul flights, both point-to-point and to feed traffic to Iberia’s long-haul network.

Iberia Express began operations on March 25, using four Airbus A320s to serve four domestic destinations, to be expanded by the end of this year to 14 aircraft and 20 destinations, including some that are entirely new for Iberia, such as Riga and Mikonos. It offers both business and tourist class, and the same services as other Iberia flights, at competitive fares.

In a country with 5 million unemployed, the new airline will create some 500 jobs this year, a number which will double when the company reaches full capacity.

Iberia Express has been a success story from the very beginning, with a punctuality rating close to 100%. Its business approach, ability to adapt to the current situation and its quality guarantee Iberia Express a bright future.

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