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Iberia carries the Spanish Paralympic team to London

24 August 2012
The fourth Paralympic Games will soon start in London, and today Iberia flew 37 Spanish athletes there to compete in cycling, judo, and table tennis events. Iberia deployed additional personnel and equipment to facilitate travel by the athletes.
Paralympic athletes are customers who typically travel with special equipment such as wheelchairs. And for a passenger in a wheelchair, often tailored and adapted to the disability, it is irreplaceable, which is why the company made special arrangements to facilitate the journey. Depending on the type of chair, the company staff dedicated to passengers with reduced mobility gives the customer a manual chair, takes over the transfer and shipment of the passenger's own chair, which Iberia treats as special baggage and loads differentially. In the event that the client cannot do without his or her chair, another procedure allows them to use their own chairs to reach the boarding gate, after which they  are taken to be loaded as baggage.
Mechanically driven wheelchairs are treated differently because their batteries are considered to be dangerous goods under aviation regulations. In such cases, the batteries are disconnected, the activators removed, and the moving parts folded. The batteries are placed in a special container. In the event that the client prefers to use his or her chair to the boarding gate, the same protocol is used as for manual chairs.
Like it did to the athletes of the regular 2012 Olympic Games, Iberia wishes the best of luck to the Spain athletes competing in the Paralympic Games 2012, and hopes they return laden with medals.

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